Novedades Baitra
  • High performance remote control cable with patented design for high efficiency and flexibility.

  • High efficiency and flexibility steering cable specifically designed for high performance applications. SS cable output on the engine side featuring gasket against water intrusion. Minimum bend radious 150mm. Fits steering helms: Ultraflex T91 / T93ZT / T101 / T103ZT / T85 / T71FC / T72FC / T73NRFC / T74NRFC / T81FC / T83NRFC, Teleflex Safe TQC / NFB Safe...

  • To mount with any adaptor on steering helms: Ultraflex T85 / T71FC / T72FC / T73NRFC / T74NRFC / T81FC / T83NRFC, Teleflex Safe TQC / NFB Safe TII / NFB4.2 y Morse D290. Adaptor K66 (not included with cable) its neccesary to mount with superseded steering helms Ultraflex T71 / T72 / T73NR / T74NR / T81 / T83NR.

  • All stainless steel output end steering cable. Suitable for the following steering helms: Ultraflex T67, Morse C230/C231, Teleflex Compac y TX 805.

  • Is composed of: a panel, a Y connector and an extension cable.,,

  • The All-in-one kit is composed of: a panel, an extension cable. The Two-pieces kit is composed of: a panel, a Y connector and an extension cable.

  • Brass body.With stamped aluminium Barcelona fitting.

  • These detectors meet all the requirements of the main classification companies (American Bureau of Shipping, Germanisher Lloyd`s Register, Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Det Norske Veritas and RSMS). They can be connected to all conventional power stations with 8.5 to 30V loops. The detectors have diodes that change colour depending on the state: dirt,...

  • Fire detection and identification system provided by the ZIP. The ZIP provides the user with the status of the system and has two touch buttons for control. In the event of a system alarm, a zone LED will illuminate and an internal audible alarm will be activated.

  • Firestop power plants are designed for yachts and medium-sized vessels between 8 and 30 m. They incorporate more functions than a conventional fire detection system. They consist of a signalling panel, a central module and extension modules to increase the number of detection zones. Marine series smoke and temperature detectors can be connected. The power...

  • The EmpirBus Web Display (WDU) unit is a web server unit to distribute customized graphics to any HTML5-supporting device.

  • The EmpirBus NXT Master Control Unit is an essential component of a larger NXT installation, providing multiple functions.

  • Empirbus Connect 50 is a new version of the NXT DCM designed for smaller or less complex installations.

  • Empirbus NXT DCM is based on more than 10 years experience in power distribution using Digital Switching. 16 conections simultaneous only. analog or digital imputs. 12/24V.

  • EmpirBus SP12 is a 12x2 way digital switch component for the EmpirBus NXT control, monitoring and distribution system. SP12 is used to provide control inputs to the system via the switches and status information back to the user by the individual LED indicators.

  • Connector 16 pin for DCM and CONNECT 50