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  • High energy output battery charger. 12/24V battery bank charger with automatic recognition. Generation Up to 45kWh/month. Pmax: 600Wp. MPPT (IP67) Charge controller with stop switch included. Lightweight and robust. Easy-to-install (Ø131cm). Aeronautical design. Silent and efficient. Aluminum body, high purity Neodymium magnets. Stainless-steel...

  • High efficiency photovoltaic solar panel specially designed for charging batteries in stand-alone and backup systems. Ready-to-Connect directly to the solar charge controller. High-Quality materials, anodized aluminium frame and tempered-laminated 32mm glass. IP67

  • Photovoltaic solar panel with very high efficiency and performance to charge batteries. Extra thin (3mm), light and flexible. Front connection box and 4 stainless steel eyelets. Includes 3 m of pre-installed solar cable ready to connect directly to the charge controller. High quality materials. Durable and corrosion free. IP67.

  • Two-stage loading procedure (Bulk and Floating) to ensure the best charging of your batteries AGM and GEL. Battery status display green LED. Connection clips up to 10 mm².

  • Advanced High efficiency MCU based Programmable Solar Charge and Discharge Controllers. Compact and flat design allows it to fit will in small spaces. High efficiency, Very low consumption. Microcontroller based, get the most of your solar panels and batteries. Protects the batteries from overcharging by the solar photovoltaic panels and from over...

  • Professional high-efficiency programmable Solar Charge and Discharge Controllers. Load disconnection depending on State of Charge (SoC). User-friendly LC Display for easy and quick status reading and programming. Manual load switch. Programmable Operation Modes: Manual ON/OFF Mode, Automatic Twilight Mode (Day/Evening/Night), Night Mode and Always-ON...

  • State of the art, easy to use design, these inverters will offer you reliable service for providing AC power and 5V USB power from battery. True sine wave output. Ideal for operating motor loads, fine electronics and reduce stress on surge protections circuit, meaning potentially longer equipment life. XJTS models have integrated automatic transfer switch.

  • For pure sine wave inverter XJ & XJTS.

  • These advanced, easy-to-use inverters will offer you reliable service to provide AC and USB 5V power from batteries. Pure sine wave AC output. Ideal for operating motor loads, fine electronics and reducing voltage in surge protection circuits, meaning potentially longer equipment life.

  • Modified sine wave inverter. With cables and CLA type connector included. Provides electricity when there is no mains connection. With USB 5V output for powering electronic devices. Ready to connect and use. Lightweight, robust, safe and reliable. High efficiency. Very low self-consumption. Get the most out of your battery. Temperature and charge...

  • Produces an output of 12V from a 24V battery bank. It is really useful for installations of 24V battery banks as your 12V equipment and devices can be powered. In order to avoid the most common problems the converter is equipped with multiple protections such as, overloading protection, overheating protection, etc. Furthermore, it also is provided with...

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items